Sweet Water Sanitation LLC


Our Story

Sweet Water Sanitation originally started as a Portable Restroom and Septic company in Klamath Falls, Oregon

In 1996 the Company expanded to Medford, Oregon. The Company served the entire Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, Northern California as well as the Klamath basin.

In November 2007 the Portable Restroom division was sold as well as the Company name.

The Septic division continues, now under the name Sweet Water Sanitation serving the Rogue Valley and the Klamath Falls operation continues under the name Modoc Services.

So why Sweet Water Sanitation?... with having to change the name, we wanted a catchy name, contractually we are not allowed to use the old name not even to say formerly... With that stated, it has been a long time company philosophy that a healthy Septic system will not have an offensive odor but rather a sweet water smell. With the proper bacterial growth you will smell more of the lingering laundry soap smell than the offensive odor. we have received compliments on the name so... it worked.  

Whether under our old name or under Sweet Water Sanitation, our company has strived to offer exceptional service to our customers and build the respect of our industry. Our drivers have been Health and Safety certified by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) and are DEQ certified Maintenance Providers. Though this is not a glamorous industry the customers we serve deserve the utmost professionalism and quality of service.

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